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Angel Investors are individual investors who invest in the preliminary phase of companies. These companies are typically early-stage startups that are looking for seed funding that will enable them to establish a solid foundation on which the subsequent phases of growth can take place. Investors, besides procuring monetary gains, also get the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs and assist nascent startups to evolve, progress, and flourish.

Be an Angel is an initiative of Ientra Business Solutions Private Limited.


Be an Angel is a dedicated platform which educates people on the advantages and risk involved while investing in startups. Here you can connect with like-minded investors and create your syndicate. We want to create success stories and you would be the force behind these numerous successes we envision accomplishing in the near future. We believe investing is noble, a virtue that will result in the upliftment of the country. We assist angel investors by screening and providing a curated list of startups to derive substantial returns from their investment. Through this platform, we aim to create wealth for the investors as well as the startups we engage with.

Benefits of Being an Angel

Contribute to and become a stakeholder in exciting projects that involve cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Quantum Computing, etc. Invest in ideas from an industry of your understanding and interest.


Access to startups working on innovative ideas.

Tax Benefit

Get tax benefit under Exemption of Angel Tax Section 56 (2) (vii b).


Meet business-compatible individuals and get invited to our exclusive events .


Collaborate to invest along with VCs and Angels.

Risk Minimisation

Minimize your risk by diversifying your portfolio by investing in multiple startups.


Always know what is going on and have the option to step in when needed.

What Our Clients Say

Here is what some of our clients say about why they want to be a part of “Be An Angel” and invest in startups.

Started my company from a scratch without any support, however, would love to lend my support to young entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.
Founder, Omkar Print Labs, Bangalore
Would like to share my knowledge gained over 40 Years of experience with a startup and would love to be a part of something new.
Retd AGM, State Bank of Mysore, Bangalore
Was always been fascinated by Indian startups, but never thought I could be a part of them, thanks to Be an Angel now even I can Invest in exciting companies.
Solution Specialist, Deloitte, USA

Our Recent Projects

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Our Expert Team

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Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director

How it works

4 important steps that can make you a successful angel investor with us. 


Sign up using the registration form and be ready for our call. We are always happy to learn more about you and your investment goals.


Get comprehensive information about startups and areas of your preferences. When some idea or a project interests you, request more details or a rendezvous with promoters/founders.


Invest alongside other angels when you find a project matching your preferences. You decide what opportunity to take.


Enhance the performance of your portfolio by interacting with the founders and providing your expertise when needed. Leverage your network to increase the likelihood of success. Earn dividends or get multifold returns when you exit. All earnings are subject to the performance of your portfolio.

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